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 towards unity today, we still can not forget the painful period in the history of the people of Taiwan branded memory scars.Seeing the Chiang dynasty building the dump, retreat in defeat Chiang Kai-shek began to consider the occasion, and which  Nevertheless, Taiyuan under the auspices consistent Jiang, Yan's already destined to be only a war of.At 10:13 on August 20, 2009 Summaries Total Comments 0Yan Xishan also flew in Fenghua, the same day the head of Mao Zedong's call PLA Taiyuan front, still hope will be a turnaround in the peaceful liberation. He decided to postpone the time of the offensive, and said: "At that time, if they can sign a peace agreement, then you can use peaceful means to resolve Taiyuan; like to go back after the signing of the peace talks break or do not perform, then by fighting solutions, no big loss for me . "Later, just as all efforts are unsuccessful, the head of the front telegraphed CMC reported that the captured Jun Yan Zhao Cheng Shou and other contact with the city of Taiyuan, the other insincere, and no echo, even tighter blockade, so it request in advance of attacks. Mao Zedong said this: "Do you think when   nike air max thea sale initiating play Taiyuan is favorable to beat Taiyuan, without any constraints." That is to say, the attitude of the CPC Central Committee and Mao Yan Xishan and Taiyuan have to respect the desperate, Yan Xishan was already clear: "alive not negotiate with the Communist Party, the Communists have not seen the face of death."Yan Xishan finally did not go back to Taiyuan. Later, Li Ao take "Taiyuan five hundred perfect" ridicule Yan's story: "They died in Taiyuan, but he lived to Taiwan, the Kuomintang fled to Taiwan and all the people, 'is not it always the same gram and elders', one greed are the generation of the most interesting, is that he himself Taiyuan Yan Xishan when the

 siege 'Xianming at all, Shing plan', because in the Nanjing meeting, so unable to Funan However, Yen died, Yan Mrs. Xuzhu Qing, Yan Gongzai Yan Zhimin, Yan Zhihui and a large number of families, both in Taiwan, this is how the matter  Did they come to Nanjing meeting  visible properly Yan Xishan whom have long deserted the family now! "About Yan Xishan reason why there is no return to Taiyuan, so far it has a different view. One argument is that the periphery of the end of Taiyuan Dongshan battle, the PLA has been able to control the fire Taiyuan airports, planes can not land the Kuomintang, when flying at low altitude airdrop did not dare. It was left in Taiyuan Japanese officer Jono Acer recalls: Yen Hsi-shan had to fly back to Taiyuan in early April and circling for an hour, but because the   nike air max 2014 womensfire blocked from landing and return. According to the "Jin Yan Xishan to Taiwan from the whole story," the article reads: At that time the airlines are reluctant braved gunfire in Taiyuan landing, when he was 65 years old Yan Xishan So he proposed using airborne parachute to Taiyuan. Soon, Taiyuan Airport has shot a telegram saying all destroyed, the aircraft could not land, Yen This abandoned plans to return to Taiyuan. Yan Xishan call back later to Taiyuan said: because it is blocked, can not we work together to defend Taiyuan, which is the greatest of regret. Interestingly, according to Jono macro description, when Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communists had considered leaving Yan Xishan a way

 that the then instruct front-line troops: Yan Xishan not captured during the Nanjing airport in Taiyuan, Taiyuan Yan back if there is a peaceful solution hope; If Yan Taiyuan not responsible for the Sun Chu, who stay until the end, I am afraid it will not surrender, and that only increases sacrifice.Later, after the offensive started, was said to be as far away as Shanghai to Taiyuan remote Yan Xishan eventually moved compassion, he  nike air max 2013 womens gave the defenders to surrender Taiyuan instructions. However, so far, to this order telegraph on "surrender" is also a variety of explanations: one, Yen on April 23 at noon shoot a telegram indicating Taiyuan "group of five": "Taiyuan defenders thing, not sure if the military, can be a political solution. "This means that you can act decisively to stop resistance. The telegram said that by Yan Liang's cronies personally translation. However, the next day to the beam of 0900 after the suicide, the telegram

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he had had multiple intended: First, the Kuomintang army moved to Sai Hong, the establishment of the center in Xichang, southwest vast  before climbing to go through a "five hundred Taiyuan perfect "and" Evocation mound outbreak of the War of Liberation, I also wrote to Liang's intended to do the work by Yan Yan Liang's very sad to say on the beam:. ' I have men as Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang serve, and Chiang Kai-shek on the boat, then passed back it was too late. 'until after the peaceful liberation of Peking, according to the central direction of our spirit has not stopped the fight against Yan Xishan work. "But have suffered Yan Xishan refused.Meanwhile, Chiang also nike air max 95 uk prepare Fu Tso Yan Xishan will follow as he let Yan confidant telegraphed to Taiyuan, convey his view that the overall situation has Juenan from Taiyuan longer lasting support, Yan and other military and political cadres should Xi'an by plane evacuated as soon as possible, to send troops to reinforce its troops by huzongnan Breakout West Ferry. Obviously, this proposal was also Yan Xishan politely refused, he said still have to adhere to isolate them.Yan Xishan Kunshouyoudou, when he proposed Tiandan command "to the city complex province to province Zionist" slogan, and ordered the team to play the Warring States Grand Opera in Story City Fire Bulls Zionist to perk morale. Later, many people tried to persuade him to leave Taiyuan, Yen has said to Shashenchengren, sacrifice justice, swear to leave Taiyuan. Indeed, he was still in the office posted a banner proclaiming "know the impossible is the real revolution.

" Yen Hsi-shan said:. "Tian Heng five hundred old warrior, heroic sacrifice, we have five hundred backbone to defend the Taiyuan boom or bust." So-called "500 backbone" refers Yan Xishan "comrades," the basic backbone of the molecule, was in Taiyuan, about 500 people, which is called "500 is perfect," the source. To motivate the military, but also specifically to Yan Xishan was a German physician Vail chee consulting, asked the German Nazi officer in the Soviet capture of Berlin's how suicides. When he heard that potassium cyanide poison pill hidden in the nike air max 90 womensteeth, the bite can be immediately killed, immediately let the river to pharmaceutical trial, then finally the preparation of a five hundred bottles of poison. Yan Xishan placed them in front of their own so that American reporters take pictures, this photo was published in the U.S. "Time" magazine and Shanxi "Renaissance Daily", he also photographs deliberately gave Stuart and Chennault and so on. Yan Xishan also called several soldiers boasted on U.S. reporters, said:. "This is the standard Bushido spirit of Japanese soldiers, I let them follow me around so that critical time, I will be killed this task, non-Japanese can not be completed. "It seems, Yen is decidedly Taiyuan to perish with it.However, Yen dramatic and almost left the Taiyuan. March 28, 1949, the KMT seeks to "draw the river and rule" is about to begin peace negotiations, conditions Shanxi Yan Xishan urgent need to go to Nanjing agreed. So call Acting President

 Li Tsung-jen Yen Hsi-shan: "talks about plans, advance deep desire and brother Bong, Prayers now pay their visit to Beijing by 聆教 beneficial." 14:00 the next day, Yen held a staff meeting, it was announced the Li Tsung-jen's message He said he left the Taiyuan "Maybe three days, five days, maybe eight or ten days, such as peace talks with the results I'll be back." Subsequently, Yen ride from the airport to Nanjing Hexi red ditch, then went off at the airport, only beams of the five sister and Yan Yan Huiqing. The reason to leave his sister, is also back for his man card.Yan Xishan to Nanjing, the KMT to discuss peace talks with Li Tsung-jen, when Mao noted that Yan had left Shanxi, then prepares a message for the CMC-induced front Peng, Xu Xiangqian, such as: "Yan Xishan was from Taiyuan, Li Tsung-jen is willing to negotiate for a peaceful solution Taiyuan problem. "However, Yan Xishan April 11 and fle nike air max 1 womens w to meet with Chiang Kai-shek in Fenghua, the two talked for a night, Yen said Taiyuan war emergency, intended to speed back. Chiang then advised him to say: Taiyuan, although important, is the corner of the country, there are countries before they can have Taiyuan, should be country-weight, stay in Nanjing to attend the auspices plans. Thus, the next day they hurriedly flew back to Nanjing to participate in Yan Xishan Li Tsung-jen hosted "talks and war," and had threatened to come back soon, but never returned to Taiyuan Yan Xishan.

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region Relying on the base; Second, retreat to Hainan massacre night from Zhazi, Baigongguan escape escape , Luo Guangbin until the "danger comrades liaison" report concentrated. Then placed in "General Yang Chongqing circles memorial cum martyrs memorial to nails into it, fragmented into numerous bamboo roots from the back of the hand, palm wear out February 1959 China Youth Publishing House Luo Guangbinnew balance 1500 sale    Liu Debin, YANG Yi made coauthored memoir revolution "in  in the same way for Sister Jiang tortured description:A root of the bamboo child from her fingertips into the nail, the nail after nail into bamboo, against a phalanx, fragmented into numerous bamboo roots, from the back of the hand, palm wear out  nail into a bamboo stick, Sister Jiang on fainted once, and then they heard the sound of a pour cold water. Splashed woke up, and again nail Later in the novel "Red Rock", this is also the subject of bamboo sub Sister Jiang "finger nail" torture. In the film based on the novel  opera "Sister Jiang" and other literary works, naturally, are the same. Opera "Sister Jiang" sixth in Shen Yang Zhai spy chief at the time ordered the torture of Sister Jiang barking: "Take her ten fingers, give me one by one nailed bamboo stick!"Such detail is indeed impressive too strong, too stimulating. So many people mention Jiang Jie, will think of bamboo Son "nailed fingers."Today to review this history, some people may ask:  Luo Guangbin how they can not

realistically deeds of the martyrs in promoting this issue, in fact, should not blame Luo Guangbin et al. Because in the past, they are neither a writer nor historian, just a young Communist Youth League cadres. Then their duty and desire, just to educate young people, to do everything possible to inspire young people, "class consciousness" and "anti-American" sentiment and conduct political propaganda, they are not as serious historical study, but do not know what the "academic norms ", plus the time to emphasize that" politics first ", arts,   new balance 420 mens education, and so should" serve proletarian politics. " In such a climate, they could not escape the limitations of history - please think through some dark history, deep Please academic norms experts also intends to cut, to cater to the political needs of the fictional history, not to mention they do "passion burning "of the Communist Youth League cadres  Therefore, they do not stick to the true historical details in promotional lecture, think just for young people to speak," the story of the revolution, "and to speak vivid and moving as much as possible. Luo Guangbin in the Southwest United High School reading is the famous "storyteller", better at speaking up for the artistic process, rendering. In this way, they lecture succession added some fictional, exaggerated content, and later wrote the works.In fact, the real Sister Jiang then suffered torture write not "nail bamboo child" but "Greeting means", and also will not belittle

 her hero image. Here, it is worth exploring, why then in the "education (or literary) serve proletarian politics" slogan, to "revolutionary needs" of historical truth can actually be free to modify or fiction  If along this   road go, we have seen will be going, then it was the 1920s, leading them sing Anyuan workers strike LiLong Zhi (Li Lisan) sing folk songs into a hair lip of (Mao Zedong); troops on the rates of the Nanchang Uprising Jinggangshan realignment of Mao Zedong and Zhu De, head into the Lin Biao; even notice the precious relics of the Red Army commander during the Jinggangshan political director of Zhu De and Chen Yi's name with fragrant roasted fall, causing new balance 574 sale artificial "broken", leaving party Mao Zedong, a person's name  linked to these lessons, it is worth our reflection is not it History, after all, not fiction - no matter what name is. I heard today at the exhibition to explain the martyrs cemetery in Geleshan, Jiang Jie was no longer speaking bamboo child "finger nail" it. This is the principle of seeking truth from facts recovery, but also the history of progress.At 10:13 on August 20, 2009 Summaries Total Comments 0Taiwan writer Li Ao in his novel "The mountains, the mountains, love", there is such a word, it is the novel's hero when climbing Taipei Yuanshan passage: Maruyama said

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